Pembroke School Uniform

 Price List and Ordering

School uniform orders are placed through the school office. Your child is able to try on our sample uniforms for sizing. 

Compulsory uniform items:

Optional uniform items:

Pembroke School Uniform Policy

Student Uniform

Pembroke School requires our students to wear a school uniform. This policy and the associated uniform rules are a school bylaw. The board consults with the school community when updating this policy and making or amending uniform rules.

Our uniform rules outline what students can and cannot wear at school and while representing the school. These rules are made clear to students and their parents/caregivers at enrolment. We follow school processes for managing breaches of uniform rules, which may include contacting parents/caregivers and involving senior staff. If uniform breaches are due to financial hardship, our school works with parents/caregivers to find a solution.

Students may be reminded about appropriate dress expectations for the school learning environment before non-uniform days.

Students must behave appropriately while in uniform (e.g. at school, at events representing the school, and travelling to and from school).

The board may review our uniform rules when issues arise, and/or as part of the review of this Student Uniform policy. When reviewing our uniform, we consult with the school community and consider student wellbeing (including sun protection), affordability, our inclusive education policy, and the New Zealand Human Rights Commission uniform guidelines.

The school office can be contacted for further information.