Our Head Students and Staff

Ruby Crofskey

Head Girl 2023

Torrean Buchanan

Head Boy 2023

Addison Thoms

Deputy Head Girl 2023

Cooper Branson

Deputy Head Boy 2023


Office Administrator: Carol Thornton                                                                        admin@pembrokestratford.school.nz

Principal: Wendy Single                                                                                              principal@pembrokestratford.school.nz

Rātā Kaiako: Ben Single                                                                                                      ben@pembrokestratford.school.nz

Tawa Kaiako: Irene Morton                                                                                             irene@pembrokestratford.school.nz

Kōwhai Kaiako: Wendy Single                                                                                  principal@pembrokestratford.school.nz 

Rimu Kaiako, Assistant Principal and SENCO: Vincent Sharp                            vincent@pembrokestratford.school.nz                                                                                 

Release Kaiako: Carolyn Beisik, Greer Knowles

Kaiāwhina Kaiako: Sarah Lockett, Joelene Cox, Amy Laurence, Olli Single, Anna Singh

Reading Recovery Kaiako: Kirsten Ashby

Training Teachers: Marie Drylie (Rimu), Ashlee Newman (Rātā), Sophie Hancock (Kaiāwhina Kaiako, Rātā, Term 1)

Cleaner: Linda O'Dowd

Pembroke School Board

Presiding Member: To be appointed

Property: Jared Bevins, Mike Tume

Finance: Bradley Chubb

Health and Safety: Leigh Commerford

Staff Rep: Vincent Sharp

Secretary: Carol Thornton