About Us 

Pembroke School is a U2 School with four classrooms providing quality education in a caring and supportive school environment to our Year 0-8 students. Our aim is to honour and value our rural school culture, with a focus on relationships, collaboration and creating opportunties for our students to live their best childhoods through a range 'kiwi kid' experiences. We love to get out and learn in our amazing local community. With Taranaki Maunga as our backdrop and surrounded by nature there are plenty of opportunities.


Each of our classes is named after a tree and our curriculum is structured around the growth of a tree from tupu (a seedling) in Year 0-3, to māhuri (a sapling) in year 4-6 and finally our learners with the right support and great learning grow into confident, capable and strongly rooted rakau in Year 7-8 (mighty trees) ready to continue to thrive and do well in the next stages of their education and life. 

Rātā   Year 0-2

Kaiako: Mr Ben Single, Curriculum Lead: Technology and Literacy, NZEI Staff Worksite Rep, Cultural Capacity Leader

Kaiāwhina Kaiako: Sarah Lockett, Enviro Lead

Tawa Year 3-4 

Kaiako:  Mrs Irene Morton

Kaiāwhina Kaiako: Joelene Cox

Kōwhai  Year 5-6 

Kaiako: Mrs Wendy Single (Principal)

Kaiāwhina Kaiako: Amy Bretherton, Olli Single

Rimu  Year 7-8 

Kaiako: Mr Vincent Sharp (Assistant Principal), SENCO, Curriuculum Lead: Sport & Wellbeing, School Board Staff Rep.  

Kaiāwhina Kaiako: Anna Singh

Thanks to a Toi Foundation Capital Grant in 2023, Pembroke School has one-to-one devices for all our students. These allow teachers to seamlessly compliment our non-digital learning with digital based learning opporunities ensuring that our students enjoy a well balanced curriculum. 


Our school has two hubs Teina Hub: Year 0-4, Tuakana Hub: Year 5-8. Our Teina students are paired up with a Tuakana Buddy who looks out for them and come together to do Buddy Reading and activities. 


Every child and staff member is assigned a house. Each house is represented by a colour and a New Zealand animal/mammal. House groups come together to have fun, compete in fun events and learn. It is a good idea to have a few clothing items of your child's house colour in the wardrobe for house events. 

BLUE: Maui Dolphin

RED: Pukeko 

GREEN: Tuatara

YELLOW: Miromiro


Pembroke School is a fun place to live and grow. We know that students have different interests and talents so we aim to provide them with a range of activities to help challenge and grow them, enrich their lives and allow them to shine. 

Some of the things on our annual school calendar that help us achieve this include: