Nau mai, haere mai e te whanau 

Pembroke School has an enrolment scheme in place. If parents live in our school zone they can automatically enrol their child/ren at Pembroke School. If you live outside the enrolment zone you will need to pre-enrol your child/ren. Enrolments must follow the Enrolment Policy Process. 

Important: Parents please ensure you enrol at Pembroke School as soon as possible to help the school to determine spaces for future rolls.

Booking School Tours

If you are interested in visiting our school please contact the school office and book a time with Carol, 06 765 7944 or admin@pembrokestratford.school.nz 

Transition to School Programme for Pre-Schoolers

It is important that all future ākonga/ students and their whānau have a supported and successful transition to Pembroke School. We have a transition programme in place for all pre-schoolers enrolled to attend Pembroke School. This programme is centered around the needs of the child and availability of parents. Mr Ben Single, Rātā Class teacher will work with you to understand the individual needs of your child and the most appropriate time and scope of school transition visits. 

Enrolment Form

If you wish to enrol your child at Pembroke School, please complete the enrolment form here, alternatively collect an enrolment form from the school office. Please email enrolment form to Carol admin@pembrokestratford.school.nz to begin the enrolment process.