Our People...

The Team...

The Awesome Mr T: Junior Etuale Togia - principal@pembrokestratford.school.nz

The Amazing Mrs G: Sarah Hastie - sarah@pembrokestratford.school.nz

The Lovely Mrs O: Barb O'Keeffe - barb@pembrokestratford.school.nz

The Fabulous Miss O: Koron Oliver - koron@pembrokestratford.school.nz

The Cool Miss Knowles: Greer Knowles - greer@pembrokestratford.school.nz

The Helpful Mrs Page: Michele Page - michele@pembrokestratford.school.nz

The Humble Mr Sharp: Vincent Sharp - vincent@pembrokestratford.school.nz

The Excitable Miss Jury: Rebecca Jury - rebecca@pembrokestratford.school.nz

The Kind Miss Laurence: Amy Laurence - amy@pembrokestratford.school.nz

The Cheerful Mrs Cavey: Amanda Cavey - admin@pembrokestratford.school.nz

Student Voice...

‘I find reading hard but enjoy how the other children and teachers help me…’ - Josh

‘I have fun listening and singing during whanau time on Mondays…’ - Sam